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Who Are We?

Scrap Coop is a grassroots community workshop based in Athens. We provide the workspace, tools, and access to basic materials to help skilled asylum seekers grow a micro-business. The workshop also supports skill sharing between disciplines and training sessions for those looking for a new specialised trade while our open session workshop hours support the building needs of community focused projects in Athens.

Together, the workshop team uses scrap materials where possible to build high quality and unique furnishings for your home or business. Because every piece is handmade, no two will be identical. Get in touch today to talk about full refurbishments and custom designs.

How you can help

Whether it's donating materials and tools, money for our training programs, or purchasing our goods for your home, office, or project in Athens,

we need you to help us keep this workshop running!


SPREAD THE WORD: Print our poster, and help us get the word out there. Download it here

COLLECT DONATIONS: Collect tools and materials from your friends, or have a donation tin in your business. Everything helps!

Not in Athens?

Purchase a bench, planter, chair, or table from one of our skilled carpenters and it will be used by the local community,

either in a self organised housing project, a local refugee camp, or any of the local community focused projects in the city.

Your money would go directly to paying that tradesperson, and the item would go directly to benefiting the local community.

Please get in touch to discuss design, quantity and location!

Ways to Support us & Our Makers



Please consider donating what you can to help us pay the electricity to keep the tools on, and to buy the few materials we need to help our makers keep making. Please get in touch for a detailed breakdown of our running costs.

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our spending.



Are you looking for a way to put your money directly to good use? If you are out of Athens, or are working within a project in Athens that needs furniture or construction work, you can pay our skilled makers to fix what needs to be fixed and build what needs to be built.

Every penny goes directly where you want it to go.



This is a huge part of Scrap.Coop. By sharing skills with others via our training courses, we can help to expand an individuals employable skills, and connect our skilled teachers with an income source.

Donate today to keep these classes running.